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Our clinic in Shreveport, LA, focuses on cutting-edge strategies for managing chronic pain, utilizing groundbreaking methods to assist patients in restoring their well-being and quality of life.

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Shreveport & Bossier City, Louisiana’s Leading Comprehensive Pain Management Team

Dr. Randall Brewer and his team of pain management doctors offer extensive solutions for chronic pain management in Shreveport, LA, addressing chronic pain with expertise. If you’re seeking pain management, look no further than our dedicated team for effective chronic pain treatment options in Shreveport. These include patient education, medication management, minimally invasive procedures, and more advanced interventional procedures.

Our goal is to alleviate pain and reinstate functionality for our patients, enabling them to return to their daily lives with renewed hope. Our mission is to provide effective solutions for those seeking chronic pain relief in Shreveport, LA.

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Top Pain Management

Top Pain Management

Cutting-edge solutions for chronic pain using the latest advancements in treatment.

Board Certified Physicians

Board Certified Physicians<br />

An expert team led by highly qualified, board-certified pain management specialists.

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-Centered Care

Personalized treatment plans focused on improving each patient’s quality of life.

What Is Pain Management in Shreveport?

Pain management in Shreveport, LA, involves a comprehensive, interdisciplinary method aimed at both addressing and easing long-term pain issues. This specialized attention, provided by a pain clinic in Shreveport, zeroes in on discovering the primary causes of discomfort and crafting customized care plans. Patients benefit from the knowledge of a skilled pain management doctor in Shreveport through thorough evaluations and cutting-edge treatments. These customized approaches guarantee that the specific requirements of each patient are met with the most effective chronic pain solutions in Shreveport.

Turning to a chronic pain doctor in Shreveport marks a pivotal move toward securing enduring relief from chronic pain. The scope of chronic pain management in Shreveport includes various therapeutic options like medication oversight, physical therapy, and sophisticated procedural techniques. These methods aim to address the underlying cause of pain, providing hope and improved quality of life for individuals dealing with ongoing pain issues.

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Getting to the source of your pain is the first step to becoming pain
free and getting back to your daily activities.

Conditions Treated<br />

Conditions Treated

We offer a full range of medical services for patients
suffering from all
types of painful conditions.

Surgery Center<br />

Surgery Center

Park Plaza Surgical Specialists receives AAAHC Accreditation. Status as an accredited organization means PPSS has met nationally recognized standards for the provision of quality health care set by AAAHC.

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Spinal Cord Stimulators

SCS therapy can help manage chronic pain when other therapies have failed.

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Meet Our Team

Randall P Brewer, MD

Randall P Brewer, MD

Founder and Medical Director

Carrie Bubenzer, PA-C

Carrie Bubenzer, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Karen Beabout, PA-C

Karen Beabout, PA-C

Physician Assistant

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FAQs About Pain Management Clinic in Shreveport, LA

What should I bring for my first appointment at a pain clinic in Shreveport?

For a seamless initial visit, please have on hand any pertinent medical documents, imaging studies (such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans), your health insurance card(s), and a valid photo ID. Also, be ready to pay any copays, deductibles, or coinsurance dictated by your insurance coverage.

What payment options are available for patients?

We strive to make payment convenient for our patients, which is why we accept several forms of payment, including cash, personal checks, and major credit cards. Please note that there is a $25.00 service charge for any returned checks.

How long is a new patient appointment?

New patient appointments tend to be a bit longer. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to take care of any necessary paperwork. The appointment itself will likely take around 2–3 hours. This allows us to thoroughly assess your situation and discuss the best possible treatment plan for you.

What is the difference between interventional pain management and traditional pain management?

Conventional pain management often involves treating symptoms with medications or physical therapy. Conversely, interventional pain management aims at the root cause of pain through minimally invasive techniques, offering the possibility of more enduring relief.

Is a drug screen required for all patients?

Yes, drug screenings are a standard practice for new patients in many pain management clinics. This helps us develop a personalized treatment plan that is both safe and effective, ensuring responsible use of medications.

What is your office’s policy on appointment cancellation?

We ask for at least a 24-hour heads-up if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. This courtesy allows us to accommodate other patients in need of our services. Please be aware that failing to provide sufficient notice could result in a cancellation fee.

Discover the Difference with Our Pain Management Experts in Shreveport

Choosing our pain clinic in Shreveport means entrusting your care to the leading pain management doctors in the region. We specialize in addressing chronic pain in Shreveport with a comprehensive approach that combines advanced medical techniques and personalized care. Our chronic pain doctors in Shreveport are dedicated to understanding the unique aspects of your condition, offering targeted treatments that aim to reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve your overall quality of life. By selecting us, you’re choosing a partner committed to guiding you through your journey to relief and wellness.